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Wondering how you can get involved and help?

🚨 5/6 ACTION ITEM 🚨 Public comment will open SOON for the next UNC Board of Governors meeting to be held May 15th. Please keep an eye on THIS PAGE to submit comments once submission opens! 

Send an email to the Board of Trustees and/or Board of Governors! 

Email or call 336.334.5266

UNC System Office: (919) 962-1000

Snail mail/visit in person: 

223 S. West Street

Suite 1800

Raleigh, NC 27603

Go fund me for faculty legal fees

As UNCG enters its cartoon villain arc, faculty will need legal assistance, especially to fight wrongful termination that is likely to come. Please consider donating!

For students

Resources for Students

Did you know?

Your SGA president serves on the UNCG Board of Trustees! Make sure they know how you feel about program closures so they can pass along your concerns to the Board! ➡️ UNCG Student Government Association

Follow the Greensboro Student Organization's social media accounts to stay up-to-date of opportunities to make your voices heard!  


We definitely do not encourage students to do this at all, it is on point and also funny and accurate, but definitely don't do this. 😏

And definitely don't use the phrase, "We don't have a budget problem. We have an administrative problem."

For faculty

Reach out to your colleagues impacted by these cuts and offer your support and solidarity. Links to all department and program faculty pages included below. Consider drafting a statement of support for the programs to be eliminated and a petition for the Chancellor and Provost to reconsider. We've included sample text for adaptation below. 

We urge those in "unaffected" departments to stand in solidarity: these will not be the only cuts, and once these programs are gone, there will be fewer people to rally and try to save the next programs up for elimination.


Dear Chancellor Gilliam and Provost Storrs,

We, the undersigned [Department of Stuff and/or Things], write to condemn the execution of the APR process and lack of transparency regarding programs selected for elimination. The campus community has yet to be provided with rationale behind these choices, which these programs deserve at a bare minimum. The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee has yet to be consulted regarding the academic impacts of these cuts, which should be central to our core educational mission. No budgetary savings have been presented or justified, despite quick action being necessary for supposed financial shortfall. We urge you to reverse the closure decision and revisit the APR process from the beginning with full collective effort from the UNCG faculty, staff, and students.



Personnel pages for impacted departments and programs:


Physics & Astronomy


Languages, Literature, and Cultures

For everyone

Join us in spreading the word: Save the G is still here and working for reconsideration/reversal of the cuts! Print the pdf (right), one-sided, and hang in your windows, post to bulletin boards, etc!


Check out UNCG AAUP's social media for the latest information


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