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4/3: Program discontinuation and teach out forms have been submitted. Some departments reporting they were not told the forms had been submitted and the responses on the forms were not written, approved by, or even agreed with by program members and leadership.

Recent: Faculty have heard the Provost will not be attending her April monthly meeting with department chairs and program directors. That's dedication to sticking the landing on the "entirely refusing to comment on no confidence votes" move.

3/13: General Faculty Assembly voted no confidence in Provost Storrs: 181 in favor, 158 opposed. 

2/28: College of Arts & Sciences faculty voted no confidence in Provost Storrs by a gobsmacking margin: 116 in support, 6 opposed, 1 abstain. CAS faculty also voted in support of no confidence resolution in Dean Kiss.

News dump Friday, 2/23: First professional track faculty member has received notice of contract non-renewal (AKA, passively fired).

UPDATE: sources have told STG that Physics and Astronomy's lecturer shared he has officially been "shit canned." 

(STG: "No immediate changes to personnel" isn't aging well.)

Directors of graduate studies have heard from Provost there will be another round of APR next year and it will target graduate programs.

2/21: The College of Arts & Sciences has shared an agenda for the next College Assembly meeting. Items to be discussed and voted on include votes of no confidence in Dean Kiss and Provost Storrs.

Resolution of no confidence in Dean Kiss, 

Resolution: The College of Arts and Sciences Faculty does not have confidence in Dean John Kiss's ability to lead the College, due to his poor management, untruthfulness, and lack of professionalism in the Academic Portfolio Review process. 

Resolution of no confidence in Provost Storrs, 

Resolution: The faculty of College of Arts and Sciences no longer have confidence in the leadership of Provost Debbie Storrs as a result of her role in the APR process and her targeting of the CAS for unjustified program eliminations and faculty dismissals that were also out of proportion with those being demanded from the other colleges and units of the University. 

2/19: Administration back-tracks, now saying relocated faculty will retain tenure status but will be "teaching only." No detail given regarding teaching expectations, how transfer of tenure to a new department with different promotion and tenure guidelines might work, or whether salaries would change.

2/15: The Provost has been meeting with select faculty and we have confirmation from multiple sources that more cuts are coming and a "budget memo" is on its way. Also revealed that graduate programs will be under the microscope in particular. 

Additional faculty have been told in meetings with administrators that any tenured or tenure-track faculty who survive the "teach-out" period and are relocated to other departments will be demoted to Lecturer status, assigned teaching-only roles with four classes per semester assignments. Their pay will also be drastically cut and they will be subject to 1-year Professional Track faculty contracts.

2/14: Anthropology faculty given "unofficial-official notice" today that they will be fired at the end of teach out period. Department chairs across impacted programs were told some general education classes would not be allowed to be offered any more starting this fall. These courses include Astronomy 233 and Astronomy 235.